Chemstar motor Ex e

Chemstar motor Ex e

Loher Motors with type of protection “e” (increase safety) distinguish themselves as the various components are optimally harmonized with one another (winding / rotor and components). This is the reason that special construction regulations also apply for these motors. When compared to motors with a flameproof enclosure, which makes any ignition non-hazardous, the protection philosophy for these motors is to avoid ignition, even when a fault situation occurs. The permissible winding temperatures are reduced, which in turn results in a longer lifetime and a low risk of ignition. Fault situation “locked rotor”: Loher Ex e motors set themselves apart as a result of the higher (than specified) safe locked rotor time – tE – this makes drive monitoring simpler, safer and uncritical. “Increased safety” therefore also involves a longer service life and especially a higher degree of reliability and operational safety.



  • Larger connection system
  • Various fan materials
  • SPM nipple from FS 132
  • Regreasing system from FS 160 – SPM nipple from FS 132 – stainless steel screws / bolts
  • Additional terminal box from FS 132 – anti-condensation heating from FS 132 – condensation water drain from FS 132
  • PTC thermistor or PT100 as additional protection (TMS)
  • Also available for 60 Hz and pole-changing motors
  • All motors with insulating material class H
  • All motors are available with an electrical design according to “NEMA Standards Publication No MG1”
  • Flanged motors can be designed and implemented with flange and shaft end in accordance with NEMA
  • Temperature class T4
  • Special shaft end, backstop, special paint finishes

Special versions

  • Temperature class T4
  • Special shaft end, backstop, special paint finishes

Customer benefits

  • Accepted by Shell, DOW, BAYER, Statoil, BP, ABB Lumus, Technip, and many more
  • Already in the standard design complies with the “requirement profile for use in the chemical industry”
  • Parameter-optimized motors (adapted winding versions and rotors) achieve extremely high efficiencies with the best possible power factors (low operating costs)
  • Complete power range
  • Certified as standard according to ATEX, NEPSI and GOST

Typical areas of application

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Fans
  • Extruders
  • Mixers
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