Helical-bevel Gearmotor K Series

Helical-bevel Gearmotor K Series

Energy-efficient and low-maintenance.

K series (three-stage).

Helical-bevel gear units from SEW-EURODRIVE provide a high degree of efficiency of over 96% in both torque directions and at all input speeds. With performance designed to last – high-endurance gearing enables high-torque, wear-free operation. With our remarkably efficient helical-bevel gearmotors, you have energy-saving angular gear drives at your fingertips. As they also have a long maintenance-free service life, they can be used in every application with AC asynchronous motors, asynchronous and synchronous servomotors. A reduced backlash version is available for precise positioning tasks.


  • High torque density
  • Wear-free
  • Long service life
  • > 96% gear unit efficiency
  • Multi-stage gear unit for low output speeds
  • Reduced backlash option in all sizes

Available versions

  • Foot-mounted or flange-mounted
  • B5 or B14 Flange-mounted
  • Solid or hollow shaft
  • Hollow shaft with keyed connection, shrink disc, splined hollow shaft or TorqLOC®

Technical data

Helical gear unit versions

Gear unit reduction ratio[i]3.98 to 197.37
Multi-stage gear unit reduction ratio[i]94 to 32625
Output torque[Nm] ([in-lb])125 to 50000 (1110 to 442500) (also in reduced backlash version)
Motor power range[kW] ([hp])0.12 to 200 (0.16 to 268)

Helical-bevel gear unit versions

KA..BFoot-mounted / Hollow shaftKA37BKA47BKA57BKA67BKA77BKA87B
KV..BFoot-mounted / Hollow shaft / Splined hollow shaftKV37BKV47BKV57BKV67BKV77BKV87B
KH..BFoot-mounted / Hollow shaft / Shrink discKH37BKH47BKH57BKH67BKH77BKH87B
KF..B5 flange-mountedKF37KF47KF57KF67KF77KF87
KAF..B5 flange-mounted / Hollow shaft /KAF37KAF47KAF57KAF67KAF77KAF87
KVF..B5 flange-mounted/Hollow shaft / Splined hollow shaftKVF37KVF47KVF57KVF67KVF77KVF87
KHF..B5 flange-mounted/Hollow shaft / Shrink discKHF37KHF47KHF57KHF67KHF77KHF87
KA..Hollow shaftKA37KA47KA57KA67KA77KA87
KV..Hollow shaft / шSplined hollow shaftKV37KV47KV57KV67KV77KV87
KH..Hollow shaft / Shrink discKH37KH47KH57KH67KH77KH87
KT..Hollow shaft / TorqLOC®KT37KT47KT57KT67KT77KT87
KAZ..Фланцевое Version B14 /Hollow shaft /KAZ37KAZ47KAZ57KAZ67KAZ77KAZ87
KVZ..B14 Flange-mounted / Hollow shaft / Splined hollow shaft/KVZ37KVZ47KVZ57KVZ67KVZ77KVZ87
KHZ..B14 Flange-mounted / Hollow shaft / Shrink disc/KHZ37KHZ47KHZ57KHZ67KHZ77KHZ87
KA..BFoot-mounted / Hollow shaftKA97BKA107BKA127BKA157BKA167BKA187B
KV..BFoot-mounted / Hollow shaft / Splined hollow shaftKV97BKV107BKV127BKV157BKV167BKV187B
KH..BFoot-mounted / Hollow shaft / Shrink discKH97BKH107BKH127BKH157BKH167BKH187B
KF..B5 flange-mountedKF97KF107KF127KF157KF167KF187
KAF..B5 flange-mounted / Hollow shaft /KAF97KAF107KAF127KAF157KAF167KAF187
KVF..B5 flange-mountedHollow shaft / Splined hollow shaftKVF97KVF107KVF127KVF157KVF167KVF187
KHF..B14 Flange-mounted / Hollow shaft / Shrink disc/td>KHF97KHF107KHF127KHF157KHF167KHF187
KA..Hollow shaftKA97KA107KA127KA157KA167KA187
KV..Hollow shaft / шпунтованный профильKV97KV107KV127KV157KV167KV187
KH..Hollow shaft / Shrink discKH97KH107KH127KH157KH167KH187
KT..Hollow shaft / TorqLOC®KT97KT107KT127KT157KT167KT187
KAZ..Фланцевое Version B14 /Hollow shaft /KAZ97KAZ107KAZ127KAZ157KAZ167KAZ187
KVZ..B14 Flange-mounted / Hollow shaft / Splined hollow shaft/KVZ97KVZ107KVZ127KVZ157KVZ167KVZ187
KHZ..Фланцевое Version B14/ Hollow shaft / Shrink disc/KHZ97KHZ107KHZ127KHZ157KHZ167KHZ187
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