1PM6 servomotors

1PM6 servomotors

The air-cooled 1PM6 motors have been specially designed for direct mounting on mechanical spindles.

The hollow shaft permits the passage of coolant for tools with internal cooling.

The shaft is prepared on the non-drive end (NDE) of the motor for connection of a turning bushing for input of the coolant.

The 1PM6 motors are rugged and maintenance-free 4-pole asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage rotors.

They have been designed specifically for use in conjunction with the SINAMICS S120 drive system or SIMODRIVE 611 converter system.

Additional description

A fan for providing forced ventilation is mounted either radially or axially (depending on the version) on the rear of the motor. The direction of air flow is from the drive end (DE) to the non-drive end (NDE) to keep the exhaust heat of the motor away from the machine tool.

The motors have a built-in hollow-shaft measuring system for recording the motor speed and indirect position.

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