Simotion P

Simotion P

Open for multiple tasks.

Windows XP Professional is used as the operating system for SIMOTION P, the PC-based motion control system from Siemens. Our PC-based motion control system features real-time expansion for SIMOTION and is ready to run with no need for elaborate installation.

SIMOTION P With SIMOTION P, other PC applications can run in parallel with the SIMOTION machine applications. These include the SIMOTION engineering system, an HMI system, an operating application, a process data evaluation application, standard PC application, and others.

Several PC-based motion control panel versions are available for operating our innovative PC-based motion control system, and drives and peripherals can be connected as needed using PROFIBUS or PROFINET.


  • Higher performance resulting from efficient PC processor architectures
  • Operational security based on industry-standard components, even under the toughest thermal and mechanical loads
  • Openness to standard applications based on the Windows operating system

Typical areas of application

Simotion D is recommended in any application where the following requirements for multi axis control apply.

  • Compact machines
  • Decentralized automation concepts, particularly for machines with a large number of axes
  • Modular machines – also as an addition to SIMOTION P or SIMOTION C
  • Time-critical applications for coupled axes
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