Servomotors 1FK7

Servomotors 1FK7

1FK7 motors are permanent magnet excited synchronous motors which are available in the versions Compact, High Dynamic and High Inertia.

The self-cooled motors are characterized by superior overload capability, ruggedness and compactness.

The connection via rotatable connectors and preassembled cables ensures a flexible, fast and safe connection to the converter.

1FK7 Compact (CT)

  • The universal motor for a wide range of applications.
  • Space-saving installation through very high power density.
  • Large range of motors in the shaft heights 20 to 100.
  • Preferred types with short delivery times are available.

1FK7 High Dynamic (HD)

  • The sprinter in the ramp-up time
  • Very high acceleration capability due to low rotor moment of inertia.
  • For highly dynamic applications with low load moment of inertia.

1FK7 High Inertia (HI)

  • Docile control behavior with superior load inertia due to the high intrinsic moment of inertia.
  • Reduced expenditure for controller optimization.
  • Particularly suited for machine tools for feed axis applications requiring superior resp. alternating load inertia..

1FK7 synchronous motors – overview of the product range

1FK7Static torqueRated speedRated power
Comptact0,18 – 48 Nm2000-6000 U/min0,05 – 8,17 KW
High Dynamic1,3 – 28 Nm3000-6000 U/min0,57 – 3,77 KW
High Inertia3 – 20 Nm2000-6000 U/min0,9 – 3,1 KW

1FK7 preferred types with a delivery time of 10 days

Rated SpeedRated torqueStatic torque
6,000 rpm0,6 | 0,8 Nm0,85 | 1,15 Nm
3,000 rpm2,6 | 4,7 | 7,9 Nm3 | 6,9 | 11 Nm
2,000 rpm12,5 | 20,5 Nm16 | 27 Nm

The following components are available with a delivery time of 10 days (further versions have a longer delivery time):

  • Single-Turn or Multiturn absolute encoder.
  • With resp. without holding brake.
  • Smooth shaft end or with fitted key and keyway

Typical areas of application

  • Machine tools (e.g. feed drives)
  • Robots and handling systems
  • Packaging, plastics and textile machines
  • Wood, glass, ceramics and stone processing machines
  • All types of auxiliary axes
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