1PH7 Servomotors

1PH7 Servomotors

The 1PH7 motors are induction motors with compact dimensions. The motors have a high power density at low construction volume. The 1PH7 motors are available in a broad power, speed and option range.

The motors have excellent smooth-running and vibration properties and a high resistance to transverse forces.


1PH7 induction motors – the compact motors with high degree of protection

  • Require very little space.
  • High resistance to transverse forces.
  • Low maintenance costs.

Technical Data

1PH7 induction motors – overview of the product range
Rated speed*: 400 – 2,900 rpm
Rated power*:3.7 – 385 kW
Rated torque*: 22 – 2,480 Nm

Typical areas of application

  • Main spindle drive for machine tools.
  • Production machines (e.g. hoist drives, high bay racking systems, printing machines, wire-drawing machines, extruders, winding applications, etc.).
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