Micromaster 440

Micromaster 440

Even in the world of drives, there are often forces which are difficult to control. Until the most powerful of our frequency inverters enters the field. The MICROMASTER 440 has been specially designed for those applications which require broader functionality and a greater dynamic response than is usually the case. The sophisticated vector control system ensures a uniformly high drive quality, even when sudden load changes occur.

Fast response inputs and positioning deceleration ramps allow movement to target positions even without an encoder. Due to an integrated brake chopper, it works with outstanding precision, even during braking and short declaration ramps. All this is possible within a power range starting at 0.12 kW (0.16 HP) and going up to 250 kW (350 HP).


  • HMI – Plaintext control panels simplify operation and support even exotic languages
  • Dynamic driving and braking – Various types of controls and braking facilities
  • Communicative – Various communication interfaces ensure usability with the most common network applications
Voltage and power ranges200-240 V, ± 10%, 1 AC, 0.12 to 3 kW (0.16 to 4 HP)
200-240 V, ± 10%, 0.12 to 45 kW (0.16 to 60 HP)
380-480 V, ± 10%, 0.37 to 250 kW (0.5 to 350 HP)
500-600 V, ± 10%, 0.75 to 90 kW (1.0 to 125 HP)
Types of controlFCC (Flux Current Control), multipoint characteristic (parameterizable V/f characteristic), V/f characteristic

Typical areas of application

  • Material handling systems
  • Textile industry
  • Elevators
  • Hoisting gear
  • Mechanical engineering and the food
  • Beverages and tobacco industries
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