Liquicap T – FMI21

Liquicap T - FMI21

Capacitance level measurement has conquered a firm position in process instrumentation during recent decades and still offers decisive advantages today. In Liquicap T FMI21, Endress+Hauser introduces a new generation of capacitance instruments for continuous level measurement.

Liquicap T FMI21 is a cost-effective capacitance probe for continuous level measurement in conductive liquids starting at 30 mS/cm. The measuring range covers from 150 mm to max. 2500 mm and the max. permissible process temperature is +100 °C.

The probe is pre-calibrated to the ordered length at the factory which makes customer calibration superfluous. Subsequent shortening of the probe rods is easily done at any time using the separate shorting kit. High-quality, corrosion-resistant materials are available for applications in aggressive liquids like acids and lyes. Liquicap T ensures safe operation regardless of tank materials (plastic, steel or concrete) and geometries (baffles, nozzles, etc.).

Many small storage and buffer tanks in all industries have not yet been equipped with instrumentation. The unique price/performance ratio and distribution via E-direct make Liquicap T the optimum solution for such applications. Liquicap T has the following approvals: WHG, General purpose (USA/Canada) and ATEX Zone 2.

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