Soliphant T – FTM20, FTM21

Soliphant T - FTM20, FTM21

Vibration limit switches of Endress+Hauser have conquered a firm position in the market during previous decades. In the new Soliphant T FTM20/21, Endress+Hauser embarks on completely new paths and introduces a unique single rod limit switch world-wide.

The SOLIPHANT line has been known for reliability and robustness for decades – this is also true for the new Soliphant T FTM20/21. There are many single rod sensors in the market but none of them can take on the new Soliphant T. The new tilted piezo drive safeguards its unique performance. Decoupling the process connection from the oscillating movement makes the sensor insensitive to external vibration and secures reliable measurement results. The drive is not in contact with the medium which makes it less sensitive to lateral loads and temperature fluctuations.

Soliphant T FTM20/21 is a price-effective sensor for level limit detection in bulk solids up to a grain size of 25 mm. It is available as FTM20 in compact design and as FTM21 with tube extension. The measuring range is between 225 mm and 1500 mm and the permissible process temperature ranges up to 150 °C.

The main applications for Soliphant T are in the primaries industry and particularly those involving powdery to coarse-grained bulk solids of all kinds starting with a density of 200 g/l. Soliphant T provides safe measurement results even in lumpy or moist media since bridging is not an issue for the single rod probe. With its unique price-performance ratio, the distribution via E-direct and its new features, Soliphant T offers optimum preconditions for conquering a firm position in existing and new applications in the market. With the extensive Soliphant family Endress+Hauser is well prepared for present and future requirements of our customers and their applications.

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